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Well what can I say....
I am now in 5th grade & am doing very well acedemically.

Recently mom & dad moved me from King's Trail Elementary to Loretto Elementary. I will miss grandma Patty since she will not be around every day. So far the new school is great. I have already started making new friends. The new school is a lot harder than the old one! I miss my old teachers. Report cards are coming out soon, so stay tuned for more.

btw....don't forget about my birthday!

My favorite hobby is riding roller coasters.
My favorite food is tacos.

I am working on a report right now where I have to make a cereal box report on a book named "Dial a Ghost". That mean that I have to make a cerial which is ties in with the book that I am reading. I am thinking about calling the cereal "Glazed Ghosts".

What do you think?

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